Zakk on the Shadow Sword bridge, 2010

"Erm...Johnson, a word please, alone" - Zakk to Johnson, 2010

Zakk was the second of three children that were created by the Company. Reaper was first, then Zakk and then finally Howard. Like all the brothers, Zakk was also invincible. Zakk took the same life as Reaper did. Working as a mercenary for rich buisness people who pay a lot. Zakk found work with the ruthless company man known as Johnson, who at the time still had contacts with the Company which got him in contact with Zakk. Zakk was originally sent to kill Susie, her Dad and Reaper, but at the last minute, Johnson contacted Zakk informing him to bring them all to the Russian base alive. Zakk was later killed on the Shadow Sword when his brother Reaper set the self-distruct seqeunce which destroyed them and the ship with Zakk's ability not saving him.