Susie wakes up in the warehouse, 2032

The Warehouse was a large truck warehouselocated in New York. It seemed to be used for storage but it really was a rendevous for Dark Origin, in 2032 a man called Rex saw Dark Origin member Claw at the warehouse, Rex and his friend Susie came to investagate, Rex was killed and Susie fights with Claw and she escapes.

Later Susie with James Young, Doctor Alexia and Private Ninch came to stop Dark Origin, Claw was just making agreements with Agent Kyle as Susie and the group attack, several of Claw`s men get shot, the agents quickly kill Ninch and Claw with Agent Kyle run out the warehouse, Susie and James try to stop them but Claw and the agent escape on a shuttle, just as Susie`s old friend Adam turns up, as Susie and her friends go back inside, Laughing Purple then attacks and she quickly leaves, the warehouse was now under controll, the building was quickly destroyed when a nuke was later launched on the city.