Chapter 1 original

Original version of chapter 1...

Way back in November 2008, Road to Hill Nothing was being written on a couple of pieces of scrap paper, just for the fun of it to come up with a quick series to show some friends, and now, almost three years later; the series has had six volumes, a four-part min series called Shadow Sword, and now a six part side-series called Apocalypse. Indeed the story has gone far, but the original version was never shown. When the making of RTHN was underway, there were a couple of different versions. One was a comedy version, teen horror style and the other was action packed, much like the RTHN we know today. The version that was never released was scraped at the last minute, due to a change of mind, and a change of inspiration.


It is the year 2010. A small town in U.S.A. begins to go through a series of strange events after an asteroid crashes somewhere in the town's forest. Not long after this, the town's people begin to start attacking each-other like wild animals, and eating their victims. In the middle of the nightmare, a man named Harold trys to escape the town, but is forced to hide in a hospital with a teenage girl called Susie. The two of them soon discover that the hospital is under the control of an insane scientist called Doctor Traywood. Harold manages to escape the hospital, but finding that the town is empty of life, only the dead walk the streets.

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