Valmcaster V from space

"He drained all life from the planet..." - Kurvious to Johnson 2032

Valmcaster V was a far away planet in deep space, but it wasn't in the unknown regions. The landscape was mainly mountains and caves. It had horrible creatures roaming the planet, which were hunted for sport. It's only real population of people were Kurvious's race the Valkhimes, a proud and powerfull race of creatures. Terrible wars were fought there such as the Storm war against the Storm Knights. Valmcaster V was also one of the many worlds to be hit by The Plague. No one would have ever thought years later that the evil Dark Lord would come and drain all life from the planet, leaving nothing alive.

The only survivor of the slaugter was a young boy called Kurvious who became the last of his kind. Kurvious was spared by the Dark Lord and became a slave. It remains a great mystery how a single human could gain the ability to drain an entire planet lifeless. Valmcaster V would be rememberd as one of the planets that fell to the terrible Darkness.