A male Valkhime warrior fights on Valmcaster V

Valkhimes were a race of strange humanoid warlords from the planet Valmcaster V. They possessed great strength, both physically and mentally. The male Valkhimes were best known for their fighting skills in war. There were numbers of Valkhime tribes across the planet that were at constant war for each others land. Land would be won by each tribes leaders fighting to the death with each other. Not only would they control the land of they won, but they would also have control of the other tribe. During the Storm War on Valmcaster V, between the Valkhimes and the ruthless Storm Knights, many brave Valkhime warriors fell in battle, leaving the Valkhime people bearly protected when they eventually won the war after four terrible years of bloodsheed. The Valkhime species was wiped out when the mysterious Dark Lord came and drained the planet of life. However, he spared a young Valkhime boy called Kurvious. Kurvious would be known as the last of his species and the Valkhimes final legacy.

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