Underground city

The Experiments in the Underground city, 2040

"Open fire men, we have to defend the city!" - Captain Max 2040

After the G.K.D. (Global Killer Device) bomb was launched on earth, most of the land was ravanged and the earth plunged into a world of darkness. The surviving remains of mankind built a city deep underground to survive, the city has several living facility's and bars, some elevator's were built to connect the city to above, around two thousand survivors lived in the city, including Scaz, Rose, and Anderson, Captain Max and some survivng Global republic troops took charge to control the underground city. The city was located in north america, and very close to the old town of Hill Nothing.

Scaz himself disliked being in the city, he often went to the city's bar and would get drunk trying to forget what happened, he also took a job of keeping watch with Anderson and Chuck outside in the ravanged world. One day bug like creatures arrived through the city's sewers and attacked the city killing many civillians, Captain Max and Global republic troops defended the city but are quickly being killed one by one by the creatures, but Rose and a Global republic troop named Kate come and help Max fight off the creatures.

Max and the group hide in a bar but Kate and Rose flee the bar when the creatures emerge and attack under Max's orders, Kate with Rose get a van and drive through the city's long tunnels to the elevators, they meet Captain Londergon and Officer Aaron in the city's cargo bay waiting for other survivors, several of the creatures suddenly attack and kill Aaron, Rose and the group get in the elevators and escape outside where they meet Scaz knowing that the city had fallen.

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