Tomb of secrets

Johnson in The Tomb of secrets in Africa, 2032

The Tomb of secrets is a hidden tomb, located under a desert in Africa. The tomb was built by the mysterious race called the Xen. It was used for the burial place for their fallen warlords, aswell as the holding place of a Dark Portal. The Dark Portal in the tomb was powerfull enough to transport a person to the far away moon Colony. The tomb was visited by Johnson and Susie's dad in 2032. Adam caught up with Johnson and prepared to kill his nemesis. But however, Johnson forced Susie's dad to bury Adam alive. He agreed, knowing that the only way he would see his daughter again would be by following Johnson's orders. Johnson and Susie's dad used the Dark Portal to go to the Colony. Shorty after, the new members of Dark Origin used the Dark Portal to get to the Colony to rendezvous with Johnson, their new leader.