Thief in the Hill Nothing forest, 2010

The Thief and his friends Will and Garry were survivors from the virus attack on Hill Nothing. Armed with rifles the trio escape the town and hide from infected in the Hill Nothing forest.

The Thief and his friends then come across a helicopter laden with supplies that a Russian attack left behind. The three take advantage of the situation and begin to remove the boxes of provisions.

While the Thief was taking some of the crates, other survivors from Hill Nothing arrive. The other survivors, Reaper a mercenary fighter along with a teenage girl called Susie and her Dad decide to take the helicopter and depart the country. The Thief with Will and Garry attempt to recapture the chopper and armed with their rifles decide they must kill them, as the Thief leads his friends forward as a hidden Reaper prepares his machine gun. Reaper opens fire on the trio and the Thief with Will and Garry and killed within minutes.

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