The rebals

Rebal troops ready for battle, 2035

"I want those rebals killed, all of them!"- Johnson to Colonel Damus 2035

The rebals we're formed and led by Scaz with some help from Robert around after New York's destruction, Captain Brad was 2nd in command of the rebals and also helped form them, Scaz and the rebals wanted to put an end to Johnson and his Company, many rebals we're killed and hunted down by Johnson' troops and Claw who worked with Johnson. The rebals we're the world's last and final chance to bring down Johnson, although the rebals we're supported by many people like Polly they only had around five hundred people and we're less equiped and trained than Johnson's troops. In 2035 the rebal army attacked Johnson's base in The Badlands along with Susie, Kyle, Claw (who changed sides) and Rebecca, the rebals manage to take Johnson and his men by surprise, several of Johnson's troops we're killed, Scaz, Susie and Claw quickly rush into Johnson's base, while the rebals with Captain Brad, Kyle and Rebecca stay outside to continue the attack, but Johnson's men launch explosives on the small rebal army which kills half of them including Captain Brad, many of the survivng rebals with Kyle and Rebecca are soon killed by infected.

The rebals who survive, later help Scaz form the Global republic after Johnson's death, many of the rebals become Global republic troops after this.

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