The experiments were created by the Company in 2010. Johnson and Scarlet were incharge of creating the terrible creatures. The most sinister part about the Experiments was that they were once Humans,

A picture of one of the experiments (official artwork from Lionhead Studios)

twisted and transformed into mindless creatures! They also wanted to create a more advanced version of the experiments, but they needed hosts. In 2010, Susie and Scaz went down into the sewers under Hill Nothing to hide from the infected above. Johnson and Scarlet captured the two teens, it was time to excelerate their experiments. When the base came under attack from the russian military team, a group of the experiments escaped from a secure part of the facilty. The two company security guards, Steve and Archy were killed by one of the experiments during the attack. When the Russian soldiers attacked the Secret lab, they came across the experiments and managed to kill most of them.

It first seemed that the creatures all dead when the Russians damaged the lab with explosives which started a fire in the the base, but protected by special stell doors hundreds of the original experiment we're infact still alive lurking in the ruined lab, in 2040 after the earth had been ravanged by the G.K.D. (Global Killer Device), some miners and a man called Blake went to the old town of Hill Nothing for digging in the ruins of the Secret lab, one day as the miners we're digging away clearing the lab of rubble, some of the experiments attacked and quickly killed them, Blake who is outside loses contact, Blake worried soon sends out a job for help at Hill Nothing, soon a Scaz comes for the job, Blake tells Scaz what to do and Scaz ventures into the ruins, at one point Scaz notices large iron doors, Scaz decides to open them, as he opens the doors and walks in, to his horror and fear which struck him when he was a teenager when facing the experiments suddenly returned, right in front of Scaz was an experiment, the fear and terror which the creatures would of caused in 2010 would soon be unleashed.

The experiments then went on to attack the Underground city killing hundreds.