The Tomb of Darkness

The Tomb of Darkness, 2035

The Tomb of Darkness is an ancient tomb, belived to be created by the mysterious Xen. The tomb was built to keep the gates of Hell sealed. The evil Dark Lord and Kurvious once visited the tomb in search of the Devil himself. The Dark Lord then found out that the power wasn't in the tomb, it was under it. The Dark Lord found a child deep in the fires below, that child was the Devil. The Dark Lord then took the child out, only to return one day to drain the life from the Devil, and gain his power. Years later the Elite troops of The Fallen return to the tomb, under orders from the Dark Lord to re-open Hell. Soon Johnson heard of this and sent a woman called Susie to investigate, the Elite troops attacked Susie`s friends Scaz, Kyle and Rebecca. Susie investigates the tomb and see's a vision, the Elite troop quickly attack her, but their skills are no match for her and Susie kills them one by one, the last one surrenders and tells Susie information, Claw then comes and kills the Elite troop.

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