The Russian soldiers were sent to Hill Nothing by the Company to kill Scarlet, one of the Company's agents. |

The Russian soldiers in Hill Nothing

The Company knew that Scarlet had been planning to betray them and keep all the research to herself. The russian soldiers left the Russian base early that day with a General, not knowing what the mission was. Four helicopters were included in the mission. The 1st helicopter, which was Alpha team's, landed outside Hill Nothing, in the Hill Nothing forest, which allowed the main attack group to sneak into the town. The 2nd helicopter, which was Bravo team's, was flown by Adam Shallkenz, two russian troops, Glover and Kain were with Adam in the chopper. It crashed down into a bar in Hill Nothing when an electrical malfunction occurred. The 3rd helicopter, E9-Delta was flown by Gravinn. E9-Delta was only included in the mission as another support chopper. The team were supposed to escape on the 1st chopper, which was left in the Hill Nothing forest. However, the team was cut-off from the original escape route and were forced to make their way to the Hill Nothing mainstreet. The team were all killed in the end, including the General. Adam's two support troops were killed, leaving him the last one alive. The 4th helicopter was a Russian attack helicopter, which killed the remaining infected in the town. It is unknown what happened to the helicopter or if the other Russian soldiers survived.

Alpha team

Bravo team

Charlie team