The Boss, leader of the infamous mob

"I'm never working for the mob again!" - Susie

The New York Mob was New York city's most infamous criminal organization. It was even almost as powerful as Dark Origin and the Company.


The mob was under the control of New York's crime lord known only as The Boss. The mob would sell illegal weapons such as Assasin robots to other gangs for a large price. The Mob could also "lend" money to its clients, however the mob was ruthless killing anyone who failed to repay old debts. Susie a former G.B.S.S. officer herself worked for the mob herself until she refused to kill a pregnant woman who was behind in her payments.

After the death of the Boss in 2032 on Outpost IV, without its leader the mob was gradually broken down. Some rival gangs and other members of the mob both attempted to take control of the criminal empire. When New York was destroyed by a nuke during the virus attack what was left of the mob was lost forever.

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