The Guardians attack the Fallen's Warship during the last stages of the conflict

"A Guardian?...I thought you were all killed?" - Kyle recalls the war


The Fallen wars were battles and conflicts fought between the corrupted soldiers of the Fallen and their leader, the evil Dark Lord and the Guardians.

Ever since the Dark Lord and his slave Kurvious corrupted surviving miners on the Colony in 2010 as the virus was unleashed on the planet. They hd become such a threat to all life in the universe that the ancient and peaceful Guardians were forced to go to war in order to save the universe. The Dark Lord on his warship would go from planet to planet, ship to ship destroying all life so the Guardians felt they must stop the evil from consuming the entire world.

The Guardians, although possesing some light powers which enabled them to sense evil, were unable to defeat the Fallen and the Dark Lord. Guardians which were spread across the universe were killed by the Fallen during the conflict.

When the war began ending in 2032, the Guardian order was almost extinct. So many Guardians had died that even the Fallen saw them as insignificent and no longer the threat they once were.

The Fallen wars would come to an end, when a new Guardian called Susie led the Guardians to victory against the Fallen, helping to destroy their warship during the battle of Outpost IV. Although it had been rumoured that surviving soldiers of the Fallen would someday return and the war would be resumed.

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