Susie consumed by the Darkness, 2032

The Darkness is a powerful force that consumes a person, turning them into a hollow life form, bent of killing all life that surrounds them. It is believed that the Darkness was originally created by the king of the Dead World, before it was consumed by the Darkness. The first known person to become consumed by the Darkness was an explorer called Derek Stoden. He ventured deep out into space in a shuttle in 2009, no one heard from him again. He had discovered a Dead World deep in space. After spending a few days searching the planet, something happened to him which allowed the Darkness to consume him. The second person to become consumed by the Darkness was a woman named Lucy. She had been in a car crash which lead to a Dark Portal saving her before death, but transported her to the Dead World. Lucy's daughter Susie discovered in 2035 that the Darkness always would need a host to survive. After being killed, the Darkness would leave the body and enter another in order to survive.


Derek on the Dead World, 2009

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