The boss

The Boss at Outpost IV, 2032

"Susie my dear..." - The Boss to Susie 2032 New York city

The Boss was New York's crimelord and the leader of the infamous mob.


The Boss had gradually worked his way up in the New York mob eventually becoming incharge, while building up his huge criminal empire he created a vast fortune.

The only care he had was his money and his power, he was very rich and had several mob buisness connections everywhere even in Outpost IV. For a living he would sell illegal weapons and Assasin robots to other gangsters for the highest bid. He was also a notorious money lender, those who in debt with him and unable to repay were usually put to death by his army of bounty hunters.

He was responsible the story of Susie's Dad being seen in Berlin, so he could trap and kill a man called Myles Cadd who was in debt. Although he was a wanted man of the New York Police force he had plenty of gangsters and corrupt city official's for his protection. Susie herself worked for him for a while, he wasn`t too happy when she quit her job because she rufused to kill a pregnant woman in debt with him, he ordered his men to kill her but she escaped.

Later he travelled out to Outpost IV for buisness, when he was on the moon station he heard that Susie had arrived on the station, he quickly hired a Bounty hunter to help kill her. The Boss and his hired killer approached Susie and her Guardian friend White and prepared to kill them both, but White manages to attack and send the Bounty hunter down. The Boss angry and annoyed of his lackey's failure takes out his revolver and takes aim at Susie, but the Boss failed to see Stephen Cornel approach him. Stephen armed with his own gun prepares to fire, the Boss is shot loses his revolver and scowls in pain as he tries to recover. To his horror Stephen continues to fire shot after shot and within seconds the New York crimelord falls to the ground dead.

His corpse would of most likely been incinerated at the battle of Outpost IV.

It is unknown who took over his buisness and wealth after his death. Some of the bounty hunter's working for him would of struggled to take over his buisness, but his death would save many people who we're in debt with him. What was left of his buisness and criminal empire was gone forever when New York was destroyed later.