The badlands

Susie walks through the Badlands, 2035

"Im heading to the Badlands to find Kyle" - Susie to Traviss, 2035

The Badlands is a barren and desert wasteland. The area was once New York city which had been destroyed by a nuke following The virus outbreak in 2032. The Nuclear war that followed further reduced New York into a desert.

Survivors constructed a small overcrowded city on the outskirts of the badlands. Venturing into the area was deemed hazardous as the Badlands was teaming with infected people and raiders.

Johnson, leader of the infamous Company stationed his base deep within the badlands. Despite the danger in the badlands, some individuals such the Farmer tried to live in the harsh environment and regrow crops and plants.

Following the death of Johnson in 2035, the Badlands was cleared of infected and resettlement began.

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