Tail Hammer with M-16 rifle, 2014

The Spec-ops were sent to Tokyo to capture a dangerous hitman called Tail Hammer. Susie was with the team on this mission. It was supposed to be simple. Wait untill Tail Hammer gets to his sniper spot in the target building, and just before he completes his hit, the Spec-ops were supposed to burst in a capture him at gun-point. However, as the team burst in the building, Tail Hammer was nowhere in site! Susie and the team were confused of the situation. But before there was time to think, Tail Hammer kicked open a door and began shooting at the team. Four out of the six members were killed straight away by Tail Hammer's M-16. Susie was shot badly in both legs and quicly managed to drag her way out of the room. The last member of the team managed to quickly shoot Tail Hammer down with a few shots of his side-arm. The mission was a success, but at a great cost.