Susie's house

Susie's house

"I think we should stop off at my old house" - Susie to Scaz 2035

Susie's house was the former residence of Susie and her Mum and Dad in the suburbs in the town of Hill Nothing.


After Susie's Mum vanished at a car crash in New York and presumed dead, Susie was left alone at home with her ruthless Dad who strongly disapproved of Susie's boyfriend's Scaz and Brian.

During the night of The virus attack on Hill Nothing in 2010 an infected woman attacked Susie and Scaz in the house breaking in and attacking Scaz before being killed by Susie. Susie's Dad briefly went into the house to hear a news broadcast but soon left to find his daughter. When the Secret lab exploded beneath the suburbs Susie's house was badly burned, although the actual building remained standing.

In 2035 when Susie and Scaz returned to Hill Nothing to stop Johnson they briefly returned to Susie's old home which despite years of neglact the house still remained standing. They quickly left when attacked by Company grunts.

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