Susie in her apartment room, 2032

"Let's meet at your apartment"- Doctor Alexia to Susie over the phone 2032

The apartment was where Susie lived when she moved to New York city during when working for the city's crimelord simply known as the Boss. During the Battle of New York while Johnson and Dark Origin attacked the city, Susie and her friend Kyle came to the apartment to seek shelter. However, Johnson along with Dark Origin troops stormed the building, burning rubble collapses causing some of the building to catch fire. During the confusion, Susie is captured. Kyle meets Susie's Dad shortly afterwards and they both leave to find her.

As the battle begins to subside, the virus was unleashed on the city. Susie with a policeman called Matt return to the apartment to hide from infected and wait for Susie's friend Doctor Alexia. After she arrives, the group abandon the building. The following morning the apartment was destroyed along with the rest of New York city by a nuke.

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