Sly nenko

Sly Nenko gets shot by Susie in jungle, 2020

"This isn`t over yet!" - Sly to Susie 2010

Dark OriginEdit

Sly Nenko was a very dangerous woman with a bad temper, she worked for the first Dark Origin, she wore a Russian army battle dress very similiar to Adam's. She with fellow Dark Origin members and their leader Howard Gallow, took over the Nuculear facility island so that they could gets codes for a nuke and 1 billion dollars! soon Susie comes to stop them, Sly was also one of the first members for Susie to come across, and they fight each other with Susie wounding her and she runs away, later when Susie was captured and put in a cell Sly stood out of the cell and tries to intimadate Susie just before Howard comes in, after Susie escaped and went to look for Howard, outside in the jungle Sly attacked Susie and tried to kill her with her gun, but Susie armed with a pistol fires at Sly, Sly loses her gun as she is shot, the unarmed Sly is helpless and at Susie's mercy, Susie continues to shoot the unarmed Sly who snarl's in pain as she gets shot, and after several gunshot wounds Sly fell down to the ground dead.