Russian Shashkien

Shashkien waits at the elevator, 2010

Shashkien was part of the Russians sent to kill Scarlet, he with with Captain Mir and fellow soldiers attacked the secret lab in Hill Nothing and scarlet was killed. later he and the other soldiers went down in the subway to get the train to Hill Nothing mainstreet to get out by a chopper, soon the General came and left with them to Hill Nothing mainstreet, after the Captain and a soldier were sent into a offiice building to kill Susie, her Dad and Scaz, but Scaz who became infected killed them both, Shashkien and Mig were sent to kill them all in the building but the infected Scaz kills him and Mig runs away but gets killed by Scaz aswell.

Shashkien`s body is not seen in the aftermath.

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