Shadow sword dock

Shadow Sword dock, 2010

The Shadow Sword dock was used for shuttle's arriving and leaving into space, Company troops and miners would often use the shuttle for going down to the Colony, unlike other parts of the ship infected people did not attack the dock for it was the main escape route for shuttle`s to leave, Captain Landson ordered to dock to seal its doors to prevent anyone getting inside, two miners Richard Temple and Jimmy Jezez break through the doors on a shuttle, several shuttle`s we`re destroyed, many troops died and and many miners we`re killed, later when Doctor Kelly opened the ship`s air vents to stop the now insane Captain Landson, several vents in the dock went haywire and the dock remained badly damaged.

Later a man called Johnson brought some people up here, they we`re Zakk, Reaper, Adam, Susie and her Dad , the Dock was destroyed with the rest of the ship later when Reaper set the self destruct sequence to stop Johnson and Zakk from betraying the rest of them.