Shadow sword bridge

Zakk and Johnson on the Shadow Sword bridge, 2010

The Shadow Sword bridge was the main control room and probably the most important part of the entire ship.

The Shadow Sword's commander Captain Landson, and Colonel Black would control and operate the ship from here. The bridge also housed the ship's main memory banks and computers.

Unlike other parts of the ship, the bridge was not attacked with infected as the Colony was attacked during the virus outbreak Later as two miner's Richard Temple and Jimmy Jezez crashed through the ship's dock on a shuttle, this caused damage and Richard was killed after the crash. Jimmy was brought before Landson and Black at the bridge. Shortly after the virus would infect the Captain causing her to go mad and killed Black along with several members of the crew leaving no one but Jimmy alive. The Shadow's Sword's Doctor Kelly would order the bridge's computers to briefly cut the oxygen in order to stop the now totally insane Captain but it would also result in her death along with other survivors.

With everyone dead the computers housed in the bridge automatically kept the ship in orbit but power was eventually being lost.

Soon Company agent  Johnson with some people, Reaper, Zakk, Susie, her Dad and Adam came to the ship to head to the colony. Johnson managed to restore some power to the ship through the bridge's computers. Shortly after Johnson and Zakk betrayed the group Reaper set the ship`s self destruct sequence, the bridge was destroyed along with the rest of the ship as it expoldes.