Cell block

The secret lab's cell block, 2010

The cell block was the main prison facility in the Secret lab under Hill Nothing and also where the guards Steve Green and Archy could control the lab, it had a small office with some cells for intruders.

In 2010 as The virus hit the world and Hill Nothing, Company agents Johnson and Scarlet conducted the experiments down in the lab. Soon two teens Susie and Scaz hide down in the lab to avoid infected from above, the pair are quickly captured and Scaz put in one of the cells, soon after Scarlet betrayed Johnson, Johnson sent Reaper to go after her, Steve and Archy go back to work in the cell block, while Scaz is reading a book in the cell, he hears loud noises and as he peers through the cell bars a creature from the experiment gets in the cell block and kills Steve, as Scaz watches in horror Archy comes in, the creature quickly kills him aswell, soon Susie's Dad comes and rescues Susie and Scaz, and they escape just as the secret lab is exploding after getting attacked by the Russians, the cell block after this was in ruins along with the rest of the lab.

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