Scaz's car

Scaz's car, outside Hill Nothing Highschool, 2010

"Hey look, there my old car"- Scaz to Susie 2035

Scaz's mun bought this $200 car for Scaz as a gift for his 17th birthday, which Scaz used a lot with his friend Susie for "homework". On the night of the virus attack in 2010, just after Susie's Dad was arrested Scaz gave Susie a lift home, and parked his car outside her house, after an Infected woman attacked Susie and Scaz they fleed leaving the car behind them.

Years later in 2035 when Susie and Scaz returned to Hill Nothing to stop Johnson, Scaz saw his car and at once remembers it, however Scaz did not retrieve his car.

In 2040 when Scaz again returned to Hill Nothing, his car was briefly seen at one point but he did not mention or salvage it, leaving it behind once again.

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