Scarlet's clone, unknown year?

Scarlet's clone was a copy of the original female human Scarlet. After Scarlet's death in 2010, a secret organization called Black Watch cloned Scarlet's body, and gave the clone all of Scarlet's memories up untill the point of death. Scarlet would then have gone into hiding throughout the next few decades while working with the secret organization Black Watch.

2042 Edit

In 2042, Scarlet's clone was operating with Black Watch in London, England. She contacted the Global republic after learning that Claw was in the city, carrying out terrorist attacks. When Scaz arrived in London, Scarlet's clone met him and Captain Max on a rooftop. It didn't take long for Scaz to start trusting Scarlet's clone. The pair soon became a well organised team, hunting Claw down ruthlessly.

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