Scarlet in car with Susie's Dad, 2010

"Then do it Johnson!" - Scarlet to Johnson at gun-point, 2010

Scarlet was Johnson's co-worker down in the secret lab beneath the town of Hill Nothing. She was a well known scientist in the Company, and was in charge of the top-secret experiment.

After she and Johnson captured two teenagers called Susie and Scaz, Scarlet recieved information that a Russian attack team, sent by the Company was on their way to Hill Nothing to kill her and destroy any evidence in the secret lab, including the lab itself. Scarlet was soon shot to death by a russian soldier named Solkov, but her dead body was never found in the aftermath due to the collapse of the lab.

Years later it is discovered that Scarlet had been cloned by a secret organization called Black Watch not long after her death. Her clone would have then gone into hiding for the next few years working with the secret organization.