Russian base

The russian base, 2010

"I can see the base from here" - Johnson to Adam 2010


The Russian base was the main research lab for The Company. It was a complex and very important facility for the Russian Government and the Company. Located in the base were Shuttle which could be used for travel into space.

Company agent, Johnson was stationed at the base during the virus attack on the Colony faraway in space. It was here where Johnson would keep in contact with the Company's space ship known as the "Shadow Sword".

As the virus was unleashed on Earth, Russia was one of the first countries where the virus hit. This forced the Russian Government to nuke most major cities to stop the infected people from spreading the virus across the world. The base was in one of the nuked cities, but because most of the base was built mainly underground, it remained intact although the base's electricity was starting to fail and the base's scientists began to leave.

A Russian Army General and some of his troops were stationed at the base ss the virus hit America, the Company sent him and his attack force on a mission to the town of Hill Nothing America to kill one of their Agents called Scarlet who was going to betray the Company. The General and his attack force left the base leaving it deserted.

Later Company agent Johnson would return to the base along with Russian soldier Adam. Johnson and Adam found the base empty and without electricity. Johnson working on the base's computers manages to restore emergency power to the systems. Soon, Reaper, Zakk, Susie and her Dad arrived at the base where Johnson was expecting them. He suggested they take a space shuttle located in the base and fly out to the Shadow Sword and travel to the Colony for answers. The group agree and they leave for the Shadow Sword, leaving the base once again deserted.