Rupert sets the Super Laser to fire again, 2032

Rupert was once one of the many miners working for the Company on the Colony in 2010. After the virus broke-out, Rupert and a group of around 100 miners fled deep out into the colony desert, hoping to get away from the bloodthirsty infected. A few days later, the miners spotted a large Warship in the sky, many panicked and headed back to the colony, where they would have been killed by infected. Those who stayed became corrupted by the Darkness, and soon pledged their allegiance to the Dark Lord, Rupert was amongst these miners. Rupert became a weapons expert in The Fallen, his main duty was to operate the warship's super laser. Rupert would later be killed by a group of Guardians during the Battle of Outpost IV, however; his death was not seen.

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