Rose, from the new Road to Hill Nothing: Apocalypse series...

"Scaz, the job is in Hill Nothing..." - Rose 2040

Rose Tepp is a new character starring in the new series Road to Hill Nothing: Apocalypse. She is a survivor from The virus outbreak in 2032, and in 2040 she survived the terrible G.K.D. (Global Killer Device). The survivers that were left made a Underground city, safe from the aftermath that the G.K.D. had left from above. Rose finds a job as a miner, and becomes friends with a retired Global republic troop called Scaz, she is later arrested by Captain Max for attacking Anderson.

Soon creatures from The experiment conducted in 2010, arrive and attack the city killing many, a Global republic troop named Kate, quickly releases Rose from her cell and together they fight the creatures. Soon they team up with Captain Max as they try to stop the creatures. While hiding in a bar the creatures find them and attack, Max orders Kate and Rose to flee while he stays behind, Rose and Kate get on a truck and drive through the city's tunnels to get to the elevators, they meet Captain Londergon and Officer Aaron, the experiments quickly attack and kill Aaron and Rose and the group rush into the elevators and get up to the ravenged world where they reunite with Scaz.

The group meet up with David, who guides them to Dark Origin 's Jungle Base. However, upon arriving, they are captured by a Dark Origin agent known as the Hunter, and Rose reveals that she has been working for Howard the whole time. Rose then coldly shoots Kate, killing her and has Scaz locked away while he vows she will pay. When Captain Max and the new Republic troops attack, Rose is killed and devoured by the experiments during the confusion.

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