Susie in robert's office

Susie enters Robert's Office

"We need to get out of here, Robert!" - Susie


Robert's office was a building in the overcrowded city loacted in the badlands, the desert remain of New York.

Officially, Robert used his office for employing bounty hunters, unofficially Robert who was secretly part of the Rebals, a group dedicated to stop Johnson and his ruthless company. Used his office with a Rebal agent to help create the Rebal army. It was here where Robert managed to get over 500 people to join the Rebal cause.

When Company grunts along with Claw who worked for Johnson, had discovered the office's real intention they went to attack it. Company soldiers stormed the building, Susie, Kyle, Rebecca, Robert and the Rebal leader Scaz fled the building out the back. Where Claw and Company soldiers are waiting for them, Robert is shot dead and Susie is captured while the others flee in Robert's car.

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