Robert in the bounty office, 2035

"They`ve found us!" Robert to Susie 2035

Robert was living in the overcrowded city in the desert, life was hard and money was hard to get since Johnson`s evil Company was incharge Robert became part of the rebals to stop Johnson, Robert soon took the job of posting bountys and hiring bounty hunters, some of his bounty hunters were Susie and Kyle, he also informed Susie for Kyle bieng missing after going to the badlands for money from a Farmer, soon the leader of the rebals, Susie`s old friend Scaz, Susie and Kyle with Rebecca go to him to get ready to attack Johnson, after speaking to the Rebal agent, Robert enters and they talk about the attack on Johnson, then Claw with Company troops attack, Robert and the group try to escape but Robert is shot to death by Claw and Susie captured and her friends escaping on a car. Robert would alaways be remembered by the rebals as a hero and his death would inspire many others to fight against Johnson and his ruthless Company to the end.

His body may of been buruied at the Hill Nothing Graveyard where other characters were probably buried.

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