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Volume 7 out now!



Road to Hill Nothing is an animated action series made with the PC game "The Movies" by Lionhead Studios. The story mostly exists around the character Susie. The series started in late November 2008. So far the series has included seven volumes and a four part mini-series called Shadow Sword. A mini-series called Road to Hill Nothing: Apocalypse was released in August 2011, but towards the end of the series it was cancelled (due to data loss which could not be recovered). Two years later, the final 6th episode of the Apocalypse series was remade, finally making the series complete. The 7th volume was released in November 2015, and marked the 7 year anniversary of the series. There a currently now plans for any future RTHN projects at this time Edit

Road to Hill Nothing - Volume 7 Official Teaser Trailer (2015)00:53

Road to Hill Nothing - Volume 7 Official Teaser Trailer (2015)

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