"Zero Hour" poster

Road to Hill Nothing: Zero Hour is an upcoming movie set before the events of volume 1. The movie will be set in the outskirts of Hill Nothing and will be a found footage style movie. The movie is currently being developed using Garry's Mod and OBS (Open Broadcast Software) and is due to be released in summer 2017.

Plot Edit

Set in 1998, 12 years before the events of volume 1. Kenny Morler and cameraman Rod Diago are two amateur film makers, who host and produce their own paranormal TV show called "America's Most Haunted Mansions" After hearing about an abandoned farm house on the outskirts of a remote town called Hill Nothing, the two begin their journey asking the locals if the mansion is haunted. They are informed that people stay away from the house due to several murders that occurred there years before, from a man who went insane and killed his family. Despite hearing the warnings from the locals, the two head towards the abandoned farmhouse in search of a great story. It's not long until Kenny decides to take a look inside the abandoned eerie mansion. Rod decides to follow him inside, recording everything they come across. After exploring deeper in the mansion, Kenny begins to believe they are not alone, and claims he had seen a man drenched in blood in the hallways. Rod doesn't believe him and the two continue to explore. The two men decide to call it and night and continue in the morning instead, but are surprised when they find themselves trapped, the way they came in blocked. It's not long after this that they find out they are not alone inside the dark, blood dripping mansion.

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