Rex smokes in subway station in New York, 2032

"Im not sure..." - Rex to Susie 2020 Dusten Valley


Rex survived the virus outbreak in 2010, and in 2011 shortly after the Eradication of the virus Rex soon joined the Global Biohazard Security Service (G.B.S.S.) and was soon posted to Africa with fellow officers Susie and James Young to a small town called Dusten Valley in 2020, he also looked into the deaths of fellow officers who we`re recently killed by terrorists, he also like his commander officer the Chief and James he briefed Susie during her mission to stop a terrorist group called Dark Origin and their leader Howard Gallow and Dark Origin members including Claw from launching a nuke and Susie completed her mission.

After Rex left the G.B.S.S. he later moved to New York city.


Later in 2032 New York Rex informed Susie in a subway that Dark Origin was reforming with Claw as a possible leader, he and Susie later went to check out a Warehouse where Claw was seen recently, Claw's men attacked them both and fired a rocket launcher into Susie's car. Susie just managed to get out in time but unfortunately Rex was too late the blast of the rocket launcher killed him instantly, setting the car on fire with him still in it.

Rex would always be remembered by Susie, and old G.B.S.S. officers for his work and effort to stop Dark Origin, he was probably buried in New York.