Rebecca points her gun at Susie, 2035

"Kyle, wake up!" Rebecca to Kyle 2035

Rebecca was a young woman who survived the Nuculear war and the destruction of New York in 2032, she lived in the crowded city in the desert with her husband Ned in 2035.

Life was hard since Johnson's ruthless Company was the only order left, however her recently dead father left her some money, Ned wanted her money badly and she was forced to flee into the desert badlands with little supplies and a gun, she spent a terror in the badlands, she had to avoid infected and raiders, soon Ned posted a bounty on Rebecca's head and claimed she stole all his money, later she came to a deserted Farm and hid in the small farmhouse, later two bounty hunters Susie and Kyle with Scaz come across her, the young Rebecca points her gun at the trio and claims she can use it, the trio urge her to put the gun away and she quickly pockets it, she tells them who she is and tells Susie the truth about Ned wanting her money, she then joins up with the group and soon after joins The rebals with Scaz as the leader, the group head back into the city and meet with their friend Robert and they discuss the attack on Johnson, then they are attacked by Claw and Company grunts, Robert is shot dead and Susie captured, Rebacca and the group escape on a car into the desert and are soon attacked by the Fallen Elite troop, later Susie who was released by Johnson to deal with the Fallen tells Rebecca and the group to get ready for the attack on Johnson.

At night the rebals get ready to attack Johnson's base with Claw who changed sides, she and the group help the rebals attack the base, they kill many of his men and damage the base, after Scaz Susie and Claw get into the base. Rebecca stays outside with Kyle, the young Rebecca's will starts to sway as she asks Kyle if they will survive, then explosives are lanched on the rebals killing many of them, Rebecca survives the barrage of explosives and tries to help Kyle who broke his leg during the attack. as she helps Kyle, Kyle tells her to escape, Rebecca boldly refuses and helps Kyle. then infected attack, Rebecca is then killed by an infected as Kyle watches in horror just before he too is killed, Rebecca would always be remembered after the battle for she acted very brave and kept her duty even before her death.

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