Reaper in the secret lab, 2010

"The General will pay for this!" - Reaper, as he stands in the fire, 2010

Reaper was one of the three children that were created by the Company to be invincible! A breakthrough in science, however, the operation was shut-down due to the scientists fearing their own creations, which then lead to the creation of a less powerfull group of brothers called Destroyers. Reaper's brothers were Zakk and Howard. Reaper was created first, then Zakk, and then finally Howard was. Reaper was the least powerfull out of the three. Zakk was the second strongest and Howard was the strongest of all. Reaper was highed by Johnson to kill Scarlet. But Scarlet managed to fight off Reaper. She shot him a number of times with a heavy magnum. This knocked Reaper out cold. Reaper appeared later on in Hill Nothing a decided to help Susie and her Dad. He helped them for the rest of their journey untill he sacrificed himself on the Shadow Sword by setting the self-distruct sequence, allowing Susie and her new friend Adam to escape while Johnson and Zakk were doomed along with him.