Private Fargo

Private Fargo opens fire at infected, 2010

"We have to go!" - Fargo 2010

Private Fargo was a American soldier posted on a Coast base, with 22 other soldiers and a Captain, later as infected overan the country in 2010, Fargo and the Captain with Private Kevinson flee into the jungle, later as Fargo is keeping watch a young girl called Susie approached him, he mistakes her for an infected and almost shoots her before she tells him that she is not infected, he apologizes and takes her and her Dad and Reaper to his small jungle camp, at the camp Susie's Dad talks to the Captain just before infected find them, Fargo, Kevinson and Reaper fight the infected and manage to hold them off for a while untill too many attack, Kevinson is quickly killed and before Fargo could defend himself an infected attacks and kills him. His dead body would be found and recovered later after the Eradication of the virus in 2011.

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