Overcrowded city

Susie in the Overcrowded city, 2032

The city was a primitive constructed refuge to shelter the thousands of survivors of the Nuclear war. It was built on the outskirts of the badlands which was once New York.

The city was under the full control by Johnson's ruthless Company, the last order of authority left on Earth. A small rebellion against Johnson formed within the city, as a result many Company grunts were stationed in the city and authorized to execute on sight anyone part of the rebellion. No one was able to leave or enter the city without proper permission from the Company authorities.

After the death of Johnson and the fall of the Company, the citizens of the city would have helped rebuild the world untill the activation of the G.K.D.. Those who survived Earth's near destruction would have gone to live in the Underground city.
Overcrowded city

Ruins of the old world in the overcrowded city.

What remained of the city was left in ruins and abandoned due to the severe conditions above ground.

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