Ned talks to Claw, 2035

"The name is Ned, where are you heading stranger?" - Ned to Susie 2035

Ned was a survivor from The virus attack on New York in 2032 and by 2035 he and his young wife Rebecca lived in an overcrowded city built in The Badlands. The city was under the control of Johnson the new evil ruler of The Company. Prior to the destruction of New York Ned was very wealthy but had lost everything when New York was destroyed, however his wife's recently deceased father had left Rebecca some money which Ned wanted and demanded that she handed it all over to him and used extreme measures in order to get her money. Soon Rebecca managed to escape from Ned and fled into the badlands. Ned then spread the news that she stole his money and ran away with it. He told this story to a bounty hunter called Susie and instructed her to kill his wife if she saw her.

Later Ned finds out from Company agent Claw that there is a large reward for Susie the bounty hunter, at once Ned reveals Susie's location and asks for the reward money. Instead of money, Ned recives a bullet in his gut from Claw's revolver and stumbles down to the ground dead.

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