Myles Cadd, 2011

"I was a friend of your father's...I was his best friend" - Myles to Susie, 2011

Myles Cadd was Highschool teacher in New york . When the the virus broke-out in the city in 2010, Myles helped a group of police officers defend the highschool from the hungry infected! Due to his impressive rifle skills, the school was saved. When the virus was eradicated, Myles was honoured by the chief of police for his brave efforts and given a medal. As New york and the rest of the world rebuilt itself, Myles left the city and headed for Hill Nothing. He went to see if Susie's dad, who was Myles's best friend had survived the epidemic. When myles arrived in Hill Nothing he found nothing. The town was empty. He went to Susie's dad's house, but it was empty. The next year Myles got into contact with Susie. Susie had recieved information that her father had been seen in Berlin. Myles and Susie left for Berlin straight away. This was the start of the personal mission called The Berlin search. Myles was killed after the group found out that the entire operation was a trap! All the information was fake. The contact was infact an assasin highed by the New york crimelord known only as The Boss. Myles was in debt with the Boss and was behind on his payments. Susie managed to kill the assasin but her hopes of seeing her father again were destroyed.