Tmse gs 01

Police enter the Miami bank.

The Miami measures mission was the last known mission on record that Susie did in Spec-ops. A couple of thugs had take over a bank in Miami. Private Young was with Susie on the mission. The were hostages in the bank so the team had to act quickly. Smoke bombs were thrown through the windows knocking out all the hostages and one of the thugs who wasn't wearing a bandana. The team charged in with Susie and Young at the front and a dozen others behind. The remaining thugs blazed their weapons at the team. Susie went down quickly but was still able to shoot on the floor. Two thugs had been taken out and a few more were left. Young was shot in the leg as he chased one of the thugs out of the bank and and into a group of cops who quickly arrested the thug and helped Young to a near by medical team. Susie managed to walk out of the bank with the team as the last of the thugs were shot down and the local police entered the building.