Merrick during the raid on the Fallen's warship, 2032

Merrick was a senior member of the Guardian order during 2032, he survived the wars with The Fallen.

In 2032 with the Dark Lord on the verge of invading Outpost IV and Earth, Merrick along with other skilled Guardians Susie, White, Salvia and Rhoswen were choosen to attack and destroy the Fallen's Warship. With help from the Earth Defense force fleet, Merrick and his fellow Guardians departed Earth to take part in the Battle of Outpost IV against the Fallen.

As the battle started, the E.D.F. fleet were unable to penetrate the Warship's shields so the Guardians had to board the craft and deactivate its protective shield.

On board, Merrick and his fellow Guardians boldy attacked the Fallen. Merrick was the first to engage the Fallen soldiers and demonstrated his fighting abilities, Merrick easliy killed the first Fallen trooper that attacked. Merrick knew more were coming and prepared the rest of the Guardians for battle, as more of the Fallen attacked he decided to give Susie cover and advanced forward but the Fallen's better firepower he was quickly shot dead.

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