Matt in New york, 2032

"Oh, sorry lady, I thought you were infected..." - Matt to Susie, 2032

Matt was a New york police officer in 2032. Matt survived the Dark Origin attack on the city but when the virus broke-out again in 2032, Matt found himself in the middle of the nightmare! He managed to escape from the police department that he worked at, which was infested with infected zombies! After he had escaped from the police department, he got onto a rooftop where he met Susie, who has just entered New york. The two of them quickly left the rooftop and headed for Susie's apartment.

In Susie's apartment they both await Susie's friend Doctor Alexia, when she arrives they all leave and head out, the group manage to fight through infected, soon Alexia gets separated and Destroyers attack, they manage to fight them, Susie quickly kills a Destroyer which was just about to attack Matt, but Susie and Matt fail to see another Destroyer entering the room, the Destroyer strangles Matt to death just before Susie can help him.

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