Master kristian

Master Kristian of the Guardian enclave council, 2032

"And you belive this woman is the answer?" Kristian to Master Talalm 2032

Master Kristian was a Guardian, he was also part of the Guardian Councill, he was slighty less powerfull than Master Talam, he was friends with fellow council Guardians Master Helena and Master Alzark. He had powers like the other Guardians, he spent most of his time in the Guardian enclave, when Susie was brought to the enclave by White, she was amazed by Kristian`s power to sense the coming of the Dark Lord, the Guardians sensed that the Dark Lord with Kurvious and the Fallen would destroy Outpost IV a moon station in space, White, Susie, Salvia and two other Guardians soon leave off into space on a shuttle to stop the Dark Lord, and an E,D,F, fleet with Admiral Riffo incharge, this became known as the Battle of Outpost IV, after the battle was won and the Dark Lord defeated, he and the other council Guardians decided not to tell Susie the location of the Company leaders, for Susie wanted to kill them to revenge her Dad`s death, later Susie`s old enemy Johnson tells her the truth that the Guardians knew where the Company leaders where located, Susie then decides to kill all the Guardians. Kristian was one of the very few Guardians to fight back but Susie kills him.