Kate in the underground city prison, 2040

"We have no choice Rose, the city has fallen!" - Kate to Rose 2040

Scaz survived The virus attack in 2032 and in 2035 she joined the Rebals under Scaz to help fight against Johnson, after Johnson had been killed she joined the new Global republic and quickly became a Global republic troop, after the terrorist group known as Dark Origin under Claw launched the G.K.D. (Global Killer Device) bomb, the world grew into darkness and ravanged most of the land, she and many other survivors built a Underground city. One day after other Global Repulic troops had just arrested a woman called Rose, deadly insect like creatures from the experiment suddenly attacked, Kate saw her fellow trooper's being killed, she quickly shot the creature dead, and let Rose out of her cell to stop the attack. Kate and Rose manage to kill several of the creatures, they even manage to save Captain Max from death, Max decides they should team up and try to find out what is happening.

Kate with Rose and Max hide in the city's bar, but the creatures find them and attack, Max orde

Kate and Rose escape on a truck

rs her and Rose to leave shouting that he will catch up later although he is surrounded by the attacking creatures. Kate and Rose fight through hordes of the beasts, they find a truck and drive through the city to the main cargo area. There they meet Captain Londergon with Officer Aaron, more creatures attack and kill Aaron, but Kate and the group escape on a elavator to the surface where they meet Scaz, and they try to figure out how they can stop Claw and Howard Gallow. An old man called David soon appears and tells them that Dark Origin have a Jungle base located in the jungle, the goup soon move on while being followed by the creatures and a strange man. Londergon is quickly killed by one of the creatures dispite Kate's attempt to save him. Later they arrive just outside the base but the stranger following them reveals himself as The Hunter and prepares to attack the group. Without warning Rose reveals herself as a spy working and pulls out a gun on Scaz, Kate and David try to help Scaz, but David is quickly killed by Dark Origin trooper Maxus and Rose shoots Kate in the stomach and she falls to the ground in pain urging Scaz to save himself.

While Scaz is captured and brought into the base Kate is left alone outside. A seriously wounded Kate was later brought into the jungle base's cells and left by Howard to die, when Scaz recovered he noticed Kate's dead corpse and felt immediate remorse.

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