During the base attack, 2035

"This is crazy, we'll never get in that base alive!" - Kyle to Scaz 2035

Johnson's base was the headquarters of Company leader Johnson. the base was located in the Badlands, where Johnson could safely control The Company.

Johnson almost never left his base and would stay in his office to control the world and command his Company grunts. To make sure his base's location remained a secret he made sure it was built deep in the badlands which was full of infected and raiders which kept many away.

All that stood in Johnson's way from fully controlling the world was a small force of rebals. Since Johnson's base remained unlocated he was safe from Rebal attacks. However by 2035 the base was found and the rebals planed to launch a full scale attack.

One cold and rainy night, the rebals lead by Scaz, with Claw who changed sides, also with Kyle, Susie and Rebecca. The rebals attack the base and suprise Johnson's troops, the rebals manage to break through the Company troop's lines and get just outside of the base killing any of Johnson's men along the way, but Johnson also had a shock instore for the rebals. Planted explosives around the base detonate and many rebal soldiers are killed or wounded, but Susie, Scaz and Claw sneaked in the base to get after Johnson and find the cure. Johnson with Colonel Damus quickly escaped on a shuttle and Susie with her group follow them on another shuttle. Secretly Johnson has set up a self destruct sequnce on his computer which will activate explosives stored in the base destroying the entire building, but the countdown was stopped by the mysterious Dark Lord who goes on to kill the rest of Johnson's men who stayed behind in the base.

After the attack the on the base, Johnson's headquarters remained abondoned and is now in ruins as a reminder of Johnson and The Company.

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