Jimmy jezez

Jimmy with other miners on the Colony, 2010

"You`re insane!" Jimmy to Captain Landson 2010

Jimmy Jezez was a miner working on the Colony with fellow miners, he was friends with Richard Temple and Stephen Cornel, he was also on the Colony when deadly infected miners attacked, soon he and Richard had to leave on a small shuttle to the Shadow Sword, the ship had sealed its doors and was leaving the Colony, Richard crashed through the doors crashing into the dock, the crash destroyed other shuttle`s and it killed some Company troop`s and miners, Richard was soon shot by Company troops and Jimmy was brought before Captain Landson and Doctor Kelly, soon the Captain went insane and killed the Company Troops and wounded Docter Kelly, The Captain also shot Jimmy and he fell down dead, Jimmy`s body was left on the ship, his body probably rotted away when all the air vents were openened by Kelly to stop the Captain.

Jimmy or his friend were not mentioned again, what happened on the Colony was talked about by Jimmy`s friend Stephen later to Susie and White.