Iron microwave hacker

Susie uses her Iron microwave hacker, 2020

An Iron microwave hacker was a very useful and valuable tool, anyone lucky enough to own one of these machines could use it to break through and disable any electrical equipment, some special services used the tool, such as the Global Biohazard Security Service (G.B.S.S.) Susie was given one of these trusty machines, and it proved to be very useful for Susie on her mission to stop Dark Origin, it ruined and wrecked enemy devices, when Susie was caught by Dark Origin leader Howard Gallow and put in a cell, she used it to break her way out, Susie probably lost the device when she was later attacked, it is unknown if the tool was retrieved by Susie later.

Several other characters used the tool as well. (G.B.S.S.) member Rex knew a great deal of information about the device and had one himself. Some miners on the Colony in 2010 used very similar devices for their work. Dark Origin Desert troops also used similar tools for scanning.

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